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If you like talking about matters related to financial freedom, goal setting, losing weight, and ways to burst through any barriers that stand in your way…..then you’ll really like this website.

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Weekly Progress 3/23/19

Weight: 174.1 lbs Lost 3.3 lbs since my last post. Weekly Summary: I've been on a 2-month hiatus! Shame on me! But I'm back on the scene. Since my last post, I've been doing some traveling which has thrown me off schedule. But after meeting a beautiful soul (Glenda...

Weekly Progress 1/16/19

Weight: 177.4 lbs Lost 1.6 lbs since last week. Weekly Summary: Okay, finally I lost over 1 pound this week. I've laid off on meat and bread which seems to be helping. I have, however, been eating a lot more dishes with beans to supplement the loss of animal protein....

Weekly Progress 1/9/2019

Weight: 179 lbs Lost 5.6 lbs since my last update in November. Weekly Summary: The scale is literally "creeping" in the right direction. The hardest part is convincing myself that my efforts will pay off BIG, one day. I've been consistently exercising 4 days each week...

Factors That Influence Weight Loss or Gains

Factors That Influence Weight Loss or Gains

If you're like me, you've been on a journey to lose weight more than a few times in your lifetime. One of three things is bound to happen. You lose, you maintain, or you gain. Many factors can contribute to your weight loss success or failures such as emotions, work...

Fresh Start to A New You

Fresh Start to A New You

Cheers to a new year, 2019!!! In preparation for the new year, every year I take the week after Christmas off (from work) to have some reflection time. This is a time that I use to reevaluate continued goals, set new ones, write down setbacks, and ways to bust through...

Weekly Progress 11/14/2018

Weight: 184.6 lbs Gained 0.6 lbs since my last update two weeks ago Weekly Summary: Still not much movement on the scale. I'm quite okay with that (well at least for now). Sometimes I'll get frustrated, but today I'm at peace. There has been a lot of family stress. To...

Just Show Up

Just Show Up

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to dance! I picked up the hobby 2.5 years ago as a coping mechanism. And every now and then, I'll try to pull a friend along the journey. Most of them are impressed at how I've progressed, but keep a distance because they have...

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