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Getting up at 5:30 am to hit the gym, training with one of Charlotte’s toughest coaches, and eating the same foods OFTEN. That’s the story of my life these days. While I haven’t seen the scale budge much, I took a 3-month progress photo to see if I’m making any progress. So it appears that I’m not doing this work in vain. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

My confession: I am still NOT consistent with my meal plan. I have some good weeks, and then there are some weeks where I’m just OFF TRACK. I have better success when I meal prep ahead of time. MEAL PREP WORKS!! Also having a teenager in the home (who lives off of snacks and fast food) makes it even tougher for me to stay on track.

Don’t get it twisted! I’m making no excuses. I’m just bringing awareness of my pitfalls. Knowing what those pitfalls are, will help me to strategize better in the future.

Although I’ve taken the progress photo, I have yet to take other body measurements (ex. body fat%, inches lost, etc.) I hope to get those updates soon. In the meantime, I will continue to grind. I’m headed in the right direction; just at a slower pace than I’d like.


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