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About Me

Saphronia Barrett

Born and raised in the Carolinas. I was a very active child; playing outside, participating in school sports, and being care-free when it comes to nutrition. After having children and working a sedentary job for years, I now see the importance of being health conscious. In the recent years, I’ve seen several loved ones pass due to health issues. And I am moved to make changes in my own health.  I have (for years) tried to make better habits but have failed numerous times. Procrastination and the lack of self-discipline have gotten the best of me. But “NO MORE!

In the past decade, I have found myself with some odds against me. I am an educated, divorced, single parent. Both my education and my parenthood status have affected my financial health. Although my education has afforded me the opportunity to increase my income, I am still struggling with living from paycheck to paycheck. I oftentimes feel in bondage to my creditors, especially for the student loans. More recently, my eyes have opened and I know that I NO LONGER want to live like this.

As I approach the big 40, I have made a decision to be transparent and work on these two VERY IMPORTANT matters once and for all. This blog was created to document the journey and discuss topics that relate to both physical fitness and financial fitness. I am expecting this to be a huge challenge as I attempt to juggle parenthood, work, social time, and LIFE. But I hope to inspire others to start their own fitness journeys (whether financial or physical) and comment on related topics along the way. You…”my audience” are my accountability partners. So check in regularly!