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About Me

Born and raised in the Carolinas. I was a very active child; playing outside, participating in school sports, and being care-free when it comes to nutrition. After having children and working a sedentary job for years, I now see the importance of being health conscious. In the recent years, I’ve seen several loved ones pass due to health issues. And I am moved to make changes in my own health.  I have (for years) tried to make better habits but have failed numerous times. Procrastination and the lack of self discipline have gotten the best of me. But “NO MORE!

As I approach the big 40, I have made a decision to be transparent and lose weight once and for all. This blog was created to document the journey and discuss topics that relate to diet, physical activity, and motivation. I am expecting this to be a huge challenge as I attempt to juggle parenthood, work, social time, and LIFE. But I hope to inspire others to start their own weight loss journeys and comment on related topics along the way. You…”my audience” are my accountability partners. So check in regularly!