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Have you ever heard of the Bible verse “”as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” Proverbs 23:7.

Well since I’ve been unable to go to the gym, I went to the local library and picked up some readings. VISUALIZATION FOR WEIGHT LOSS is a book that I stumbled across while browsing the books stands. This book was written on the same principles of the Bible verse. One can change anything, if he/she believes, thinks, and visualize.

In the book, Gabriel describes his own personal battles with obesity. He explains how he meditated day after day and visualized what he’d look like his new ideal body. The daily meditations changed his mindset, his appetite, and ultimately changed his body. He was able to lose 220 pounds!

Gabriel speaks of reasons why our bodies hold on to fat, and reasons why diets do not work. Gabriel offers testimonies from his own clients using visualization to obtain their weight loss goals as well. He also uses examples of successful individuals from various industries that have used visualization to accomplish their life’s goals (ex. Jim Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, etc).

This was an enlightening, inspiring book. I’ve practiced some of the visualizations described in the book. From my own experience, I have noticed that my sugar cravings have reduced significantly. I lost 3 pounds in the past week (without going into the gym), and I’m contributing it to the visualization practices. I will continue to meditate and visualize in hopes of achieving weight loss. But even if no weight loss occurred, I’m putting my mind at ease and I’m thinking/feeling/being positive about my journey.



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