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A water drinker, that is! Chances are that when you go to the restroom, there are signs of water deficiencies and dehydration. Without water, we’re trapping toxins inside our bodies for longer periods of time. How else will our bodies release all the junk that was consumed through the foods we’ve eaten. We’ve got to sweat it out and release it when we potty.

Here are a few ways that water aids in weight loss: Helps to make us feel full. Try drinking a glass of water before each meal.

It has zero calories. We can have a limitless amount of water and won’t have to worry about weight gain.

It increases the functionality of our muscles, therefore, allowing better workouts.

It flushes out toxins and FAT that has been stored.

Being consistent with water intake can be a challenge, primarily because the bathroom trips become more frequent. However, it will feel good to look down and see clear water in the bowl? It’s a sure sign that we’re getting an appropriate amount of water in our day.  Sure, it’s a pain running back and forth. But each time you go, think about the junk that’s being released.

Let’s try to do a better job this year with drinking water. If you struggle with water intake, there are several apps available that will help you keep track. Some apps will even send you reminders to drink! If it’s feasible, refill a gallon carton each day and watch the water levels disappear. Happy drinking!

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