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Last week I was a little disappointed that I only completed four out of the six scheduled workouts. Life happened. One unexpected event occurred on one of those days involving a school function. And on the second missed workout, I cleaned and prepped for a Superbowl party that I was hosting on the same weekend. On top of that, I ate whatever I got my hands on at the Superbowl party (in moderation).

Today is the following Monday, and I’ve hit the reset button. Back in the gym, focusing on consuming all the leftover veggies that others passed over. And although I missed those two workouts, I sit here and reflect on the things that went right.

I worked out four times last week. That’s more days than a lot of people exercised in one week. That’s more “on” days than “off” days.

For the Superbowl, I enjoyed my family/friends and was not stressed about foods. I didn’t completely throw away my better eating habits. I had the yummy stuff, but in sensibly servings. I made sure to get those veggies in too.

I kept my water consumption going. It’s recommended that I drink half my body weight in ounces. For me, that’s somewhere between 5-6 bottles of water per day. And I was chugging those bottles.

As I look back, I realize that I’m being too hard on myself. Instead of feeling disappointment, I should feel accomplishment. I’m doing a lot better than I was in 2017, and I feel stronger (mentally and physically). Life will throw some curve balls, but I won’t let it knock me off course.



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