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Baby, it’s cold outside! The lows are averaging in the teens and the highs are somewhere around 40 degrees. Regardless of the time that I step out the door, it’s still cold. Because of these cold temperatures, procrastination has gotten the best of me (when it comes to running outside). However, today (with the help of friends) I took on the cold and ran two miles on a hilly sidewalk in 28 degree temperatures.

I’ve been running two miles on the treadmill several times a week in addition to my muscle-building workouts. But running on pavement is NOT equivalent to running on a treadmill.

I found myself running out of breath and struggling to keep up with the other ladies. But what I also noticed was that within the first mile, my hands and face were warmed up. I was sweating. Twenty eight degrees no longer felt like 28 degrees. It felt more like 60 degrees instead. And although I struggled to keep up with the other ladies, I was motivated to keep pushing. So unless it’s deathly cold outside, I can no longer convince myself that below freezing temperatures mean that I can’t run outdoors.

If you’ve been using “cold temperatures” as an excuse, let me inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. However when running/walking in these cold temperatures, it is necessary to dress for the occasion. Layers (undershirt, long sleeve, jacket), toboggan/cap, gloves, thicker socks. You will definitely sweat! May I also suggest that you run with friends. It puts everyone on the same leveling plane. And it will help you to throw out those excuses! I’ve already scheduled a second cold run with the ladies for tomorrow evening. It’s on from here…..the cold won’t stop me!





Image courtesy of Hernán Piñera via Creative Commons License. Some rights reserved.
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