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If you’re like me, you’ve been on a journey to lose weight more than a few times in your lifetime. One of three things is bound to happen. You lose, you maintain, or you gain. Many factors can contribute to your weight loss success or failures such as emotions, work schedules, relationships, and your faith. In this reading, I’d like to examine that 3 biggest contributors to my own success and failures. Acknowledging what’s working for me, and what’s working against me….helps me to plan better, do better, and achieve more.


Have you ever been to a large family dinner, and that ONE relative reminds you of how much weight you’ve gained since they last saw you? This is sure to be a topic in a lot of family homes during the holiday this seasons. Have you ever had that ONE aunt/uncle that encourages you to pile on your plate when they see you attempting to be careful with your portions? Although with good intentions, the family can significantly influence your actions (for the worse). Then there are others that will discourage you from changing. They have become quite accustomed to you, your appearance, and they’re usually very opinionated about it too; insisting that you look fine.

My household members have a great influence on my fitness journey. My son “the teenager” is with me almost all the time. His presence has a significant influence on my weight loss journey. To be honest, his presence sabotages my weight loss efforts. Because my son is a super duper picky eater, I’ve been discouraged from cooking meals at home. I will often take him to dine out at his favorite fast food restaurants. I know, sounds like horrible parenting. But it makes me feel better knowing that he’ll go to bed with something in his belly. While we’re grabbing something for him to eat, I often give in to temptation.

The good thing is….I’m aware of my downfalls. And I know what needs to be done to improve. Food prepping, cooking meals that he will eat, and/or eating before I take him out. I won’t blame my slow progress on my family entirely. LOL. I will take responsibility for my own actions. But undoubtedly, the family makes it more challenging to stay focus.

Social Media

Instagram (IG) has a lot of individual influencers. I follow many people on Instagram that have experienced their own weight loss journeys. Reading other people’s success stories gives me hope. The before and after pictures are effective at getting my attention and are great motivators. I plan to have my own before and after photo featured on the home page of my website ONE DAY

If I’m going to do mindless scrolling, then at least I can control a lot of what I see in my IG feed. My followings on IG are limited to friends, individuals, bloggers, and businesses that promote fitness. This includes accounts that teach food preparation, create motivational material, and demonstrate exercise workouts. I really like IG! It is the most useful social media platform that I can rely on to influence my weight loss journey (in a positive way).

Additionally, Pinterest is a great source for finding workouts and motivational material. Again, this is another great place to see other’s weight loss accomplishments and follow their journeys. You can find me on Pinterest also. Check out my boards to see more pins related to healthy eating and weight loss.

What social media platforms are you using to keep you on track?


Spirituality (for me) is my connection to a higher power (God) and his words (the Bible). How does God and the Bible influence me and my weight loss efforts? I think of all the many times that I’ve been victorious in various challenges that I’ve faced (in school, on the job, when faced with controversies). Yet sometimes I feel defeated by this weight loss challenge. When I’m feeling defeated, I turn to the Bible to remind me of what God says.

Romans 8:37 reminds me that I am more than a conqueror through Him. Matthew 19:26 reminds me that with God, all things are possible. I’m learning that I can’t do it on my own; only with God’s strength am I able to win. Saying a prayer each morning, asking God to guide me and impart his strength within me to defeat temptations.

James 2 tells me that faith without works is dead. I can have faith that my health will improve, but there has to be action applied (eating healthier, exercising, resting, stretching, etc). Otherwise, my faith is no good alone.

Matthew 6:34 says, therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. This particular scripture reminds me to take each day one day at a time. I recently began telling myself “make this day count! Don’t get too overwhelmed with the overall goals.”

There are countless scriptures that provide guidance and demonstration of how I’m supposed to live my life (with God being my source). And as long as He continues to be my source, then nothing is too hard including weight loss. I remind myself that my body has been loaned to me, and it was bought with a price (by the blood of Jesus) and it’s my job to take care of this physical body (my temple).

Other Influences

There can be many other influences in our lives. Heck, even LIFE itself can get in the way! But we must learn to use the tools/resources/people that are working for us, and remove (or change) the influences that cause disappointments and failures. I don’t know about you, but  I’m preparing for a successful year. I’m holding on to my faith, developing new healthier habits, and I’m not letting others get in the way.

I’ve started the new year off by writing down a plan to reach my goals. I’m drafting a weekly to-do list and following up each evening to check assignments off. I challenge you to do the same. If you’d like, I’ve created a printable goals worksheet so that you can easily track your goals. Let’s make 2019 the year of achievement, our best year yet!


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