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Cheers to a new year, 2019!!!

In preparation for the new year, every year I take the week after Christmas off (from work) to have some reflection time. This is a time that I use to reevaluate continued goals, set new ones, write down setbacks, and ways to bust through potential barriers. I also acknowledge my accomplishments. So on that note, let me mention that I ended 2018 11 lbs lighter than when the year started. Sure that’s no jaw-dropping weight loss. But at least it was not a gain. It’s certainly trending in the right direction. I’m proud of myself for that.

Now that the new year has begun, I’m excited about what’s to come. This year I will turn 40, and I want to be my best self (inside and out). With that being said, I am motivated (more than ever) to set goals and SMASH THEM!

Hopefully, you were able to get through the holiday season without slipping on your 2018 goals. If so, kudos to you for finishing strong. But if you’re like most, then the holidays got the best of you. Maybe you ate a little too much yumminess, put on a few extra pounds, or temporarily gave up on your workouts. It’s okay!! Those days are behind you. There is no better time than NOW to get a fresh start.

A fresh start doesn’t have to be New Year’s day, or a Monday, or in the morning, it’s now! And your “now” can be any moment of any given day. So take the time NOW to write out those 2018 goals. Start with the first quarter (January, February, March) so that things don’t seem so overwhelming. Writing goals and having a vision will get you moving in the right direction towards a healthier YOU. Let’s get this year off to a great start! Happy New Year!!


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