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The three amigas exchanged our opportunity to sleep in on a Saturday morning for being active. At 7am, we hit the road towards Gastonia, NC to take a hike on Crowder’s mountain.

We took the Backside Trail up the mountain, which is pretty strenuous and steep. It didn’t take long for me to start huffing and puffing. I took short breaks along the way (as needed) to catch my breath and stretch. I quickly came out of my pullover because Fifty-something degree temperatures quickly felt like 80 degrees.

Just before getting to the top of the mountain, there are 336 steps that one has to endure. But at the top of those stairs is the Overlook (a beautiful, relaxing view of lots of land and a faint view of the Charlotte skyline). When I got to the top, I felt empowered to do the stairs again). So I went back down the 336 steps and reclaimed them. Ouch….but it felt so good!

We took the Tower Trail on our way down the mountain. This route was longer, curvy, but less steep. These allowed us the chance conversate without being out of breathe. This is the part I enjoyed most, hanging with the girls!

We brought water and snacks to help us sustain. And I was initially concerned about my right foot, but my shoes seem to have made all the difference. According to my Fitbit, I walked approximately 11K steps and 81 floors! Overall, we had a good time. Burned some calories, enjoyed nature, found an alternative to being in the gym.


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