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Anyone who knows me knows that I like to dance! I picked up the hobby 2.5 years ago as a coping mechanism. And every now and then, I’ll try to pull a friend along the journey. Most of them are impressed at how I’ve progressed, but keep a distance because they have “two left feet.” But then there’s this one friend (by their own admission) has two left feet, but continues to have a desire to learn.

My friend has taken a few dance classes, only to fall off after 2 or three sessions. Every few months they’ll start to talk about dancing and the desire that remains deep down on the inside. The most recent conversation went as followed:

Friend: I pinged you because I saw the steppers group gives free beginners lesson on Tuesday. I got excited. Then I watched the video and reality hit. I’m never gonna learn it. (sad face emoji).

Me: Why don’t you think so?

Friend: I’m beginning to think it’s a mental block.

Me: Yea…you might be right. But you can fight against that mental block. I think that you should try to too. And just show up on Tuesday night. Don’t worry about if you can learn the dance…..just show up! And the dance will work itself out. I believe in you.

Shortly after sending the message, I had a “coming to Jesus” moment. I thought to myself “Ah ha, Saph! These feelings that your friend has about dancing, you have those same feelings about weight loss. It’s like you feel somewhat defeated, but there’s still this burning desire on the inside that makes you keep trying (even after failed attempts).

When my friend sees the advanced dancers (and when I think about those weight loss goals), it feels overwhelming at first. A small part of us REALLY wants it. And an even bigger part of us can’t visualize ourselves at the finish line.

So now I’m finding myself taking my own advice which is to show up! Dancing was easy and enjoyable for me. And it’s taken me a good 2 years to really get it and to feel comfortable. That’s because I consistently showed up to my dance class, every week (and sometimes twice a week). It takes consistency to get better at something. Here’s proof that I have developed the skill of being consistent. Now it’s time to apply it to other aspects of my life.

So what does “showing up” looking like for someone that is trying to lose weight? This list is meant to be short and sweet. Because the moment you begin to feel overwhelmed, the less motivated we are.

  1. Keeping a meal schedule and don’t miss meals. Be intentional about the foods you put in your mouth.
  2. Keeping a workout schedule. Designate specific time blocks to sweat. And protect this time from work and distractions.
  3. Face the scale and conduct periodic measurements.

It’s just that simple. I’ve got to put my own words into practice. I’ve done it before, and it can be done again. So whether learning a new dance, losing weight, seeking a promotion, or obtaining certified credentials…if it’s a desire that keeps resurfacing, get started and don’t stop. Show up, build some consistency, and the results will follow. Don’t worry about the end product, just do it.

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