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This past weekend I had gotten psyched up to try a new bootcamp. Admiring a friend’s progress, I had mentally prepared to give her personal trainer a try. Just as I visit the trainer’s website and I begin to complete the sign up form, something tells me to have my foot checked out by an orthopedic doctor first.

I suddenly remembered that I have weight bearing pain on the ball of my right foot. And the pain has been present for over a month. I’ve done countless things that could have contributed to the pain. So I went to OrthoCarolina and received a diagnosis of metatarlsagia (pain due to overuse of my foot). The doctor told me to lay off of strenuous exercise.  He gave me special gel pads to wear in my shoe. He also suggested a good walking program and cycling. And absolutely NO BOOTCAMP!  Sigh.

So here I am, pushing through….but taking it a little easier. Today’s workout was upper body strength training (biceps, triceps, shoulders and back).

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