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Today was the beginning of week 2, and I didn’t weigh in. This is why.

First of all, let me say that I got the “fright of my life” when I stepped on the scale on New Years day. I could not believe how much I had gained during the fourth quarter of 2017. I was getting close to my 9th month pregnancy weight (which happened to be nearly 15 years ago). This number (on the scale) was a rude awakening. And once again, it made me feel like crap.

Since then, I’ve been doing well by exercising and eating cleaner. But I’ve decided to ditch the scale for awhile. Recently, I’ve been lifting weights in the gym. I’m afraid that the weight loss may not be significant due to muscle gain. If the weight loss is not reflective on the scale, then it may change my mood, discourage, or frustrate me. I DO NOT want this to happen! So I’m avoiding the regular weigh ins altogether. Instead, I will use alternative ways to assess my progress.

  • How do my clothes fit?
  • Do I see physical changes in the mirror?
  • Do I feel energized?
  • Am I getting stronger?

This strategy is new to me, but I’m feeling confident that it will work best. As long as I’m being honest about my diet and exercise, then the results will follow. At some point, I’ll dust the scale off. But for now, it stays tucked away.

Regular weigh-ins are suitable for some people. Some individuals are motivated by seeing their weight. This may help them to feel more accountable throughout their day/week and keep them on track. As long as there is no correlation between the weigh-ins and negative emotions, then regular weigh-ins are recommended.





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