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Stagnant weight (or weight gain) has plagued many people and sometimes lasting for many years. There’s alot of reasons why some of us have not been successful at weight loss. If you’re not losing weight, do you think it’s because of your body chemical or heredity? For most of us, it has nothing to do with our genetic make-up. We need a new mindset to experience a breakthrough! Here are a few reasons why I’ve personally (or some of my friends) have not been losing weight.

  1. Lack of Motivation – You know that feeling of BLAH!?! You’d rather hang out at the house, binge-watching your favorite episodes instead of getting some physical activity. Or you’d rather choose a juicy burger at the steakhouse, instead of opting for a salad. You’re feeling absolutely no enthusiasm, and no reason to put forth any effort. Sometimes it can really be hard to get out of this RUT. When I’m at this stage, it really helps for me to talk to friends. Find one or two trusted friends, and share your feelings and ask them to push you! Additionally, taking an inventory of your life and where you want to be in the future….this can put things into perspective and give you a little mental boost.
  2. Being inconsistent – Here’s the one that gets me the most!!! Some people can stick to a diet and exercise plan for a little while. Then around 3-4 weeks….something happens. They fall off for a couple weeks. Then they repeat the cycle and jump back on track for another few weeks. Prime example: I’ll do a great job of drinking water for one week. But next week I slip up and find myself feeling dehydrated. Here’s where a good book about “establishing habits” may be helpful. Mastering one new habit at a time will definitely help us tackle inconsistent behaviors.
  3. Giving minimum or mediocre efforts – Okay, so you go to the gym and your diet is decent. But you’ve been stuck around the same weight for a long time. You desire to lose weight, but you’re stuck. Try kicking things up a notch! When you go to the gym, try something new, and challenging. Review your diet and finds ways to increase it’s efficiency (add more veggies, reduce sugar & fat, increase water intake). Go all in…..don’t just put in mediocre efforts!
  4. Being Unprepared – Before you leave home, have a plan for your meals and snacks. Too many times, I’ve been in situations in which I’m not even close to being home, but I’m also starving to death. It is then when I’m so hungry that I make bad food choices. My growling belly will settle for just about anything. Packing lunch and snacks (in a small cooler) is a better choice. And will contribute to weight loss in the long run.
  5. Procrastination – “I’ll start on Monday” or “I’ll start at the beginning of the month” or “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” Does any of these sound familiar??? Yep, it’s classic PROCRASTINATION. We all do it. But some do it too often enough that it inhibits weight loss efforts. Recognize if you’re a chronic procrastinator. Acknowledge and do something about it!

If you’re not losing weight, ask yourself “So how many of these have I experienced in my weight loss journey?” Personally, ALL OF THEM at some point in my journey. But as the months’ progress, I get a little bit better at tackling these challenges. You can do the same! Together we can and WILL be successful!

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