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You’ve been doing a great job by being consistent in the gym, giving much effort to burn calories, and eating better. Then comes the time when you want to reward yourself for being so diligent. And for some, this reward period comes every weekend.

A lot of rewards are termed as “cheat meals” or desserts, which are okay if eaten in moderation. But for some folks, the entire weekend may consist of cheat meals. Food rewards can be dangerous especially for anyone that hasn’t mastered discipline.

For me, I have two non-food rewards that I give to myself. The first is sauna time. A sauna is accessible at my gym club. When time permits, I sit in the dry heat for 20 minutes and allow my body to release toxins through excessive sweating. This is also a time for me to unwind, meditate, and reflect. I feel relaxed and ready for bed after my evening workouts.

The second reward occurs less frequently, but has the same effect of relaxing my mind, body, and soul. A deep tissue massage! It just hurts so good! Either a 60 minute or 90 minute session will give the therapist ample time to cover the entire body, targeting overworked muscles.

Both options give me a high level of satisfaction without setting me back on my weight loss goals. What are your guiltless ways to reward yourself?

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