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Most days when I’m in the gym, I’m performing some form of cardio. A lot of the times I jog on the treadmill, or jump on an elliptical. But lately, I’ve been intrigued by the stairmaster. Initially, it looks very intimidating because the machine is so tall. You have to take big steps to get to the top. And should you fall down, it would definitely have no mercy on your body.

I initially started on a lower speed (level 4) and climbed for 5 minutes. A five-minute session really felt like a one hour workout. It takes hardly any time for my heart rate to go through the roof and I start to sweat profusely. Today I worked myself up to 18 minutes, doing speed intervals up to level 12. My booty and legs were on fire and it HURT SO GOOD! I used the sensors and my heart rate reading was 180+ beats per minute!!! There is no other equipment that gets my heart rate at this level.

I’ve seen people doing other tricks like walking backwards, skipping a step, kicking legs back to squeeze the glutes. I’m not there yet, but my plan is to get there one day. One day I’m going to say to myself “5 minutes! Oh, that’s nothing!” I’ll be working those stairs like a champ!

I honestly think that the stairmaster could single-handedly transform my body by toning my legs and melting the fat away. I won’t be giving up my weight training, but I’m sure going to try to incorporate more time with the stairmaster – the master of cardio.

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