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Weekly Summary:

Okay, finally I lost over 1 pound this week. I’ve laid off on meat and bread which seems to be helping. I have, however, been eating a lot more dishes with beans to supplement the loss of animal protein. I worked out 4 days in the previous week, but it was mentally harder to get myself into the gym. I’m trying to stay focus so I hung a dress on my closet door (that is a size too small). I need to fit in this dress by April (it’s for a themed party on a cruise). I REFUSE to buy another dress. So I’m gonna have to trim down a little to feel comfortable and confident in it.

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

  1. Meal Prep on Thursday and again on Sunday. Trying to make this a habit.
  2. My previous goal to track all meals hasn’t happened. So this week, I’m going to scale back and try to track all my breakfasts. I feel 100% confident that I can do that. And I’ll just have to slowly progress.
  3. Sticking with the four workouts.
  4. Take a progress photo. I forgot to do this last week.

Picture of the Week

Gym photo after working it out!

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