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Weekly Summary:

The scale is literally “creeping” in the right direction. The hardest part is convincing myself that my efforts will pay off BIG, one day. I’ve been consistently exercising 4 days each week for the past two months. And dining out has become very infrequent. Since the New Year has arrived, I’ve joined several Facebook groups that focus on weight loss and nutrition.  Hoping to keep this momentum going, so that I can SEE results when I look in the mirror.

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

  1. Meal Prep. I’m getting better at this. I’ve designated Sundays and Thursdays to prepare meals for the coming days.
  2. Continue tracking meals in an electronic journal. I am not yet consistently tracking ALL meals. Still working on it.
  3. Four workouts. Continue getting stronger. ONE DAY those muscles will be visible to the human eye!
  4. Take a progress photo.

Picture of the Week

Here are some photos from last week’s meal prep session!






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