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Weekly Summary:

I’ve been on a 2-month hiatus! Shame on me! But I’m back on the scene. Since my last post, I’ve been doing some traveling which has thrown me off schedule. But after meeting a beautiful soul (Glenda Canty) while in Chicago, I decided to hire a personal trainer and get back to writing. Glenda, too, shares the same goal of being a bodybuilder competitor, except she’s closer to her goal than I am to mine. Follow her bodybuilding journey here.

This was my 2nd week with my trainer, Terry Davis (Hard Body Fitness), and I’m trying to get adjusted to the new workout schedule which is a lot more intense than the workouts that I was doing on my own. Also, the new meal plan and water intake are taking some adjusting too. I’m not at 100% compliant (yet) with my meal plan, but I’m striving for at least 90% compliance this upcoming week. Sugar cravings are in full effect and I’m looking for alternatives. I’m about 95% compliant with my workout plan and my body feels exhausted. But I’m pushing through because I know that I will eventually see results.

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

  1. 100% compliance with the workout plan.
  2. Drink a gallon of water, every day. My trainer wants me to drink 1.5 gallons, but I have to work my way up to that amount.
  3. Meal prep on Sunday and Thursday.
  4. Incorporate a couple of A.M. workouts.
  5. Track meals on

Picture of the Week

I reeeeaaaally don’t like my scale!

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