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Weekly Summary:

I slacked with tracking food but still was able to maintain. I am making a commitment to myself to do better for the upcoming week. I’m still eating out more than I’d like, but I am making better choices when eating out. The food that I’ve made at home is pretty boring and bland. My goal is to try one new recipe before next week’s progress report. I’ll tell you about the outcome, next week. I did get outdoors this past week for a few walks; 3 days (40-60 minute walks around my neighborhood).

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

  1. Track all meals in the electronic journal.
  2. Complete 3 workouts.
  3. Try a new healthy recipe.
  4. I’m shooting for a 2 lbs loss this week. Fingers crossed!

Picture of the Week




Tried on a pair of pants that I purchased several sizes too small. I’m nowhere close to being able to pull them over my hips. But it’s my motivational photo. I will get into those pants, one day!!!

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