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Weekly Summary:

I’m asking myself “is there something wrong with me?” “Why can’t I seem to get my act together?” I freakin’ gained, again. Uggggh. I’m also questioning, “is this just the way I’m supposed to be?” Am I in denial with my body type/shape/size? Others tell me that I look fine.  But in all honesty, I feel like crap sometimes, my flexibility sucks, and I have pains in my hips. My doctor says that getting some of this weight off may help me feel better physically and decrease some pains. That is why I won’t quit, regardless of how others tell me that I look fine.

I did not eat out (fast food) a lot this week. A win! But I also didn’t track 100% of the time. It was more like 50% of the time. I did try a new turkey meatloaf recipe and shrimp stir-fry. Hardly any outdoor activity since last week. Getting some physical activity could have been the difference between me gaining and maintaining for this week. I can do better.

Upcoming Weekly Goals:

  1. Track all meals in the electronic journal.
  2. Get outdoors, get fresh air at least 3 times.
  3. Read some literature about self-love and/or self-care.
  4. I’m back to accepting any type of loss, even if it’s super, duper small. NO GAINS is the goal.
  5. Schedule a meeting with my coach.


Pictures of the Week

Shrimp Stir Fry

Turkey MeatloafTwo dishes that I tried and prepared at home this week. I doubled up on the meatloaf so that it would last several days and I didn’t have to cook.

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