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Let’s talk about how to start a weight loss plan on a zero dollar budget. Let’s face it. We can think of a million excuses to sit on the couch every day and do nothing towards BEING YOUR BEST SELF.  If we’re not careful, you can certainly spiral out of control and let weight gain wreak havoc in your personal lives, making you feel negative about yourself. Some people have no money for a gym, personal trainer, or costly exercise programs. They use MONEY as ONE of the excuses to stop them from ever STARTING. We’ll examine just how to get started with no additional money (assuming that you already have a scale and measurement tape). This article will list free resources that everyone should take advantage of.

Commit and Convince!

First of all, you need to commit to yourself that you’re in it to WIN IT which costs……zero dollars. But it’s a very important step. This is no game and it’s time to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT. After all, the definition of insanity is “doing the same things and expecting different results.” You also need to CONVINCE yourself, that your body is your temple and that you’re worthy of being healthy. No one will take care of you BETTER THAN YOU. That is a fact.

Own up! 

The next step is to own up by taking measurements. Again, zero dollars but very important. This is your opportunity to face reality. Get on the scale. Yes, it may be daunting. But you need to know where the starting point is. Other measurements that measuring tapeare great to have is your waist, hips, biceps, bust, and thighs. Take a measuring tape and measure the largest part of your thighs and arms. The bust should be measured right at the nipple line and going all the way around your back. Body fat percentage and BMI are other great measurements to take. A lot of low-cost scales have the options to calculate body fat and BMI.

Make Goals!

Chances are that after you’ve recorded your measurements, you’re either feeling shocked or psyched up about getting started with a weight loss plan that costs zero dollars. Now it’s time to physically write out some goals that you wish to accomplish. Start out with a 1-year goal. Ask yourself, where do you want to be in ONE YEAR from now. Would you like to see your body fat percentage decrease? Would you like to lose a certain amount of pounds? Do you want to get back into an old pair of jeans that you could wear two years ago? Be honest with yourself! Only you know your own schedule, work ethic, dedication, and support system. Therefore, choose goals that are realistic and uniquely for you.

Clean Out the Fridge and Cabinets!

Next step is to clean the fridge and cupboards. Be sure to rid yourself of foods that DO NOT contribute to your weight loss goals. You know what those foods are!! Give those sugary snacks and drinks away to family, neighbors, or donate them to a food bank. Commit to clean eating and grocery shopping WITH A PURPOSE. Eating clean doesn’t have to be expensive and boring. There are plenty of raw fruits and vegetables that are cheap (ex. Cucumbers, celery, carrots, cabbage, bananas, apples, etc.) and plenty of healthy recipes that have flavor. Find them on Google.

Food & Exercise Journal!

Next, find a free food and exercise journal to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. This was something that I personally struggled with. I was very resistant to journalizing. In my mind, I thought that it was too much work. Additionally, I thought that if I could just “eat somewhat healthy and exercise from time to time,” then that would be enough to see results. Well, guess where that thought process lead me? Nowhere, as far as my weight loss goals were concerned. Don’t do like me, which lead me NOWHERE, FAST! Get off on the right foot at jump start. If you’re tracking, you’ll know if your plan is working (or not). And If not, you can make appropriate adjustments to your diet and exercise.

Journalizing can be the difference between you making your goal in ONE YEAR or it taking twice as long to complete. Some free apps include My Fitness Pal, Yazio, Lose It, My Food Diary, and many more.

Do Physical Activity!

Here’s where a lot of people think that they NEED TO spend money. You can get physical activity for ZERO dollars. Stop fooling yourself! The easiest and obvious way to get started is to get outside and start a walking plan. Gradually increase your distance, time, and pace. When you get tired of the same scenery (walking around your own neighborhood), take your walking plan to a nearby mall, trail, school, or hiking. This will certainly make the outdoors more interesting. woman jogging

Another way to get some FREE physical activity is to tune into YouTube. There are so many well qualified personal trainers and health experts that have workout videos that suit all fitness levels. Search for workouts that use body weight only. If you have some light equipment in your home (ex. Dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands), find workouts that will help you diversify your routine.

A third way to get FREE physical activity is FREE APPS. Just like we discussed previously, there are some apps that will compose a workout plan specifically for you (depending on your weight loss goals). Some of those free apps include, Nike Training Club, Couch to 5k, Freeletics, Sworkit, and many more. For the person that has no clue on where to start, these apps can help guide you into a better physique.

Keep the Motivation Coming!

Undoubtedly, you will run into moments when you’re feeling less motivated. You will struggle with temptations such as sleeping in (when you know that 6 am is your ONLY opportunity to get your work out in today). Or when you’re out celebrating a birthday with friends and cake and alcohol are on the menu. Giving in to too many of those social events can really bust your bubble and steer you off course. Why? Because losing weight is hard work. This is why it’s important to constantly feed yourself with motivation and inspirational words and photos.

One main way to stay motivated is to follow your favorite inspirational speakers (or someone else that has accomplished the same goals that you wish to accomplish) on social media. Subscribe to their YouTube channels. Listen to their podcasts.  If you’re not on social media (and you have a faith), turn to your word (ex. Bible) to see what inspiring words you find. Meditate on those words every day.  Additionally, you can make daily pledges. This will help you to stay accountable, instead of feeling convicted for not keep your word.

Celebrate Successes!

Lastly, celebrate your wins! Even if seems like a very small win such as a 0.2 lbs. weight loss. Hey, that’s better than nothing! But also keep in mind, just because the scale doesn’t budge, that doesn’t mean that your physique isn’t changing, or that you’re not building muscles. Take all successes into consideration, not just the numbers on the scale. girl in jeans

  • You can get into those old jeans now. Success! 
  • You feel more confident being photographed in a bathing suit. Success!
  • You don’t crave sugary drinks anymore. Success!
  • Your coworker notices and compliments you. Success!

See there! We’ve just scratched off one of the excuses that many of you are using to keep from getting starting. You don’t need any money to get the wheels turning on your weight loss journey. All you need is time, effort, and some dedication. With the free resources outlined in this article, losing weight is very much possible. Let’s get started today.

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