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You’ve been going strong for a few solid days or even weeks and it is bound to happen. Exerting energy during those tough workouts & maximizing time in the gym and then FATIQUE strikes! That’s your body telling you that it needs some well deserved rest.

I’ve been working out five days a week, lifting heavy weights along with some moderate cardio. It’s the fourth day of the fourth week and my body is tired. Even though it is not the scheduled “rest” day, I’m listening to my body and taking a back seat. In the interim, it’s important to continue to hydrate, eat clean, rest, and get plenty of sleep. Assuming that there are no underlying problems (ex. getting sick), the workout regimen will continue after I’ve recharged my batteries.

Understandably, this is all a part of the transformation process. Listening and responding to the body (in all aspects of physical fitness) will keep us on a progressive track.




Image courtesy of Alex Pearson via Creative Commons License. Some rights reserved.
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